What Babker’s new features can do for you!

As some of you probably know we launched our Beta 2 version of Babker just a few weeks ago. Thanks to extensive user testing we have been able to get some amazing feedback and tips in order to work on important upgrades. We’ve had some major changes to the whole tool which will now give all users the ability to become more productive and schedule effectively with Babker.

User experience is very important to us and therefore one of our main changes has been the improvement of our interface. As scheduling itself can sometimes become a time-consuming task, our new Wall gives you all the tools and filters necessary to see your requests (or make new ones) in one easy click. Another great feature on our new Wall is the follow-ups, you’ll be able to quickly view all responses including a “thumbs up” once a time slot has been booked!

Beta testing for Babker has been wonderful, our live online demos have given us the opportunity to get instant feedback as the user is experiencing our tool live. Another great addition produced by our user testing is our new streamlined requests. In order to make it easier for your contacts, your requests now use a quick summary that appears in the email subject or text message. In addition to this, you can now set your “From” address to your own address instead of the Babker system… this feature will avoid your emails arriving at junk boxes allowing a faster response from your contacts.

Your contacts are the key to the success of your scheduling needs, now with our Beta 2 you can import your contacts from a CSV file. This will not only allow you to setup your account faster, it will give companies the tools to use Babker as a powerful recruiting or staffing tool. Also an important feature for companies, we have a unified Contacts page, this will display all your contacts and you’ll be able to invite those who need the tool or even find who have already joined Babker.

Together with all these features we have also improved the over all performance of our scheduling tool, improved page loading and better management of graphic resources will certainly make you notice that we’ve been working hard at all these upgrades.

Again we’d like to thank all those people and companies who have given us an hour of their time to review Babker and give us their feedback. We still continue to improve Babker on a daily basis so please feel free to write us if you’d like to take part of this process!

Roundup of Babker’s Beta 2 Features and Upgrades:

– Improved interface
– New Wall with filters, see just the Requests you need to see
– New streamlined requests, use a quick summary that appears in email subjects and text messages
– Custom email address, set your “from” address to your own address
– Custom email subjects
- Easier than ever to search for Lineups, Contacts and Locations
– When creating Lineups, instantly search contacts for fast list creation
– Import Contacts from CSV
– High performance, better management of graphic resources and Javascript
– Improved notification messages that are easier to find and understand
– Unified Contacts page to display all your contact, invite who needs Babker & find who has already joined
– Multiple Requests to one Lineup at the same time


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