Join us for our upcoming Babker Webinar: “Intro to Babker”!

Join us for our upcoming Babker webinar: “Intro to Babker” July 13 at 11 am CST!  In this webinar, we’ll cover Babker basics and give you quick schedule and productivity tips that you can use.

Babker Beta 2 - Which slot?

WHEN: July 13th, 2011
TIME: 11am CST
RSVP TO: to reserve your slot

In this webinar, you will learn HOW TO USE OUR TOOL:

a) Import and add all your contacts

b) Divide contacts into lists or “lineups” according to subject, group or keyword

c) Use prioritized lists to seek out the first best or available person by sending a request to all the contacts of that lineup

d) Send requests in order of priority or as a blast email for faster scheduling, the first to respond gets to fill the slot!

e) See how Babker handles their responses and keeps everyone informed when a scheduling request has been booked

f) Get a few quick schedule and productivity tips that you can use.

See you at our webinar!

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