Beta 2 is live!

We are proud to say that we have just launched Beta 2 live for all our users, it has been weeks of hard work and lot’s of collaboration. Although we constantly upgrade Babker, Beta 2 has been the product of many successful private demos and their feedback, we have some great new features starting with a great ease of use!

Feel free to log back into Babker to review our Beta 2, if you have any questions, problems or issues don’t forget to hit the Feedback button or write us at

Enjoy Beta 2 and soon we will be posting a full list of all the wonderful new features, happy weekend!

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Scheduling with Babker & filling the slot!


Babker fills the slot! We help busy people schedule and book the first person available by sending smart email and text requests to lists of contacts and handling their responses.

Scheduling can sometimes turn into a hard and time consuming task, calendar sharing and static shift schedules break whenever you introduce a change which usually results in a waste of time. We end up having to call to find out who can fill and empty shift, emailing to find out who can show up at an interview time, texting around to find out who can babysit, drive or volunteer or just waiting for responses and struggling through our call lists.Babker is an intelligent scheduler that sends email and text requests to your contact lists anytime you need a person to show up. We help busy people “book” the right person for a specific time.

Why are we losing hundreds of hours of our lives when the cloud can do most of it for us?

Contacting people on a list takes a large amount of time, no matter who it is: customers, volunteers, interviewees, medical staff, restaurant workers, sales people, support reps, event staff, construction workers, substitute teachers, pet sitters, tutors, cleaners, expert witnesses, city workers, attendants, campaign workers, security, crews, drivers, etc! By the time we’ve called over and over again and managed all the responses, we can lose hours in a day’s work.


With Babker you can automate all this process of finding out “who” can fill in a slot or just show up! Babker allows you to import and add all your contacts and divide them into lists or “lineups” according to subject, group or keyword. Once you have your lineups set up, Babker uses these prioritized lists to seek out the first best or available person by sending a request to all the contacts of that lineup. This request can be sent in order of priority or even as a blast email for faster scheduling, the first to respond gets to fill the slot!

Babker also handles their responses and keeps everyone informed when a scheduling request has been booked.

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Regular User Experience Testing and Babker

Earlier this year when Babker was still in first BETA release, inspired by the Lean Startup movement, we started the practice of doing regular user experience testing. We have tried to maintain the practice of one user test per week and have worked with our early customer demos as UX tests. Live online demos give us great feedback and Babker has been improving significantly thanks to this constant exposure to users.

Our methodology has been pretty simple. We began recruiting UX testers from our beta invite requests and also via social media.  Interested people or companies were then scheduled for a online session via GoToMeeting. Screen sharing plus live conversation have been valuable. All testers had a brief preparation via email and pretty much knew what to expect. We wanted them experience Babker in their own environment without much explanation in order to get pointed and real feedback.If the user got frustrated we can then dig in with questions to understand what would make the process easier. As part of this UX testing we also give users a peek of up-and-coming features with comps and wireframes, and that allows us to save and focus development time. We reward testers with a thank you gift card from Amazon.

These live sessions have been a great experience and a wonderful asset to the development of Babker and it’s ongoing upgrades. Our team has been very proactive and some of their practices we found extremely helpful. All key development team members are directly involved on live tests and everyone takes notes. Once the session concludes, we compare notes as one team member may have noticed something the others didn’t. Once we had a great checklist of insights they are then loaded onto Jira and scored based on importance and work effort. This gives the development team clean focus for improving Babker with frequent releases on a daily basis (or even multiple times a day) and incorporate revisions which often are born during user tests.

We are planning to try videos from as well, especially since an AppSumo deal came along that was too good to pass on. But the back and forth that comes from LIVE conversation with users and the dev team has been magic. Continue reading

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Counting days to Beta 2

As many of you know we have been in the process of launching Babker 2. In the past weeks we have been scheduling Demo sessions with individual people and companies in order to get feedback on our new user interface and features.

Beta 2 will have some great features, the first thing you will notice is the ease of use when you are scheduling, adding contacts or working on your lineups.

We are constantly adding new features to Babker and we always welcome Beta testers, if you are interested in doing a live demo with us, please feel free to drop us a line!

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The Pain of Filling Slots

Babker, like many startups, was born in pain. The pain that my wife and I felt when trying to find which one of our trusted babysitters could show up for particular times over the coming weeks. Though it sounds like a simple task, tracking down multiple phone calls, text messages, and e-mails over many days in a prioritized order covering multiple times was just taking so much energy out of an already busy schedule.

Needless to say, we run into this issue on a regular basis in business too. Who can fill the shift when someone takes sick or there is an immediate need for extra hands? Who can interview at a particular time? Who is interested in a particular opportunity?   The case studies go on, but it all boils down to the core problem – how do we fill a slot?

After spending time experimenting with all of the various scheduling applications out there, I realized there is a strong need for a smart option. Something that will ask people directly if they can make it, and based on their response, either broken engagement or ask the next person in line.

We’ve built that application, and it is called Babker. It works great, it will save you time and we hope you’ll give it a try.

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